How your business can benefit from our solutions

Our aim is to turn waste into a resource. For us emissions and waste are raw materials that can be used to significantly increase sustainable biomethane production. The eventual goal is to replace fossil fuels with biomethane.

For industry and construction

Our technology enables producers to utilize their CO2 emissions as well as industrial side streams through the biomethanation process. It allows them to replace fossil fuels with a more sustainable alternative, while also providing a solution for storing renewable energy with a power-to-gas technology. The technology is unique because of its large storage capacity and long storage time.

For renewable energy producers

An advanced, flexible and environmentally friendly energy storage solution – an opportunity to utilize production capacity based on the market situation as well as to operate in the reserve market. Methane functions as a gas storage from which energy can be fed back to the power grid.

For biogas producers

For biogas producers Q Power offers an opportunity to significantly increase production capacity. In the Q Power model raw biogas containing carbon dioxide is fed into a methanation process, turning it into utilizable biomethane. It means that instead of emissions what you get is more biomethane. Our process enables even the use of landfill gases.

For heavy and sea transportation

Improve your business sustainability by moving from fossil fuels to biomethane.