How it all began

Our story with microbes begins from marshland: there microbes have been producing methane for billions of years. Professor Erkki Aura collected some of these microbes and began researching the possibilities of producing biomethane with them. That is how our story with microbes began. The method was later widely studied and advanced with Erkki Aura with the key developers of Q Power: Anni Alitalo and Marko Niskanen. Our primary owners Ilkka Herlin and Saara Kankaanrinta acquired the developed technology. Q Power’s “Q” stands for Qvidja, as the production site and laboratory are located at the premises of the Qvidja Research Farm in Parainen.

The journey has been long, and it has demanded a strong vision, a lot of knowledge and know-how, many attempts along with failures, a pinch of good luck, a huge amount of patience and most importantly the right people with a passion to work on a technology that can be used to fight climate change concretely.

The founders of Q Power

Our founders and primary owners Saara Kankaanrinta and Ilkka Herlin have for long fought against climate change with determination. They are devoted to working for the Baltic Sea, biodiversity and the climate, and have prior to Q Power founded the BSAG foundation, Soilfood Ltd. and Qvidja Kraft Ltd. Concurrently, they have been developing their Qvidja Estate to be nutrient and energy self-sufficient as well as advanced carbon-capturing farmland nurturing biodiversity.

Q Power today

Q Power is an innovative company that develops concrete solutions for fighting climate change. The company’s roots and values rise deep from the soil of Qvidja, reminding us to keep our focus on nature’s wellbeing, concrete solutions and customer value creation. Our aim is to become a considerable producer of renewable energy solutions.


The effects of climate change on the diversity of nature are greatly detrimental. Our mission is to do everything we can to fight climate change and that way prevent the destruction of nature as well as preserve nature’s activity and diversity. Energy sector is a key area in the work.


Our vision is to be a part of an energy system that is both efficient and utilizes sustainable resources. We want to solve the problem of storing renewable energy and help companies to replace fossil fuels as well as decrease their CO2 emissions. For us CO2 is a raw material, and we keep it in a closed loop in our production. We do not want any side streams or waste to go underutilized, but instead we aspire to create a resourceful system that is not dependent on fossil energy and is based on conservation.